Clionadh Cosmetics: Glitter Multichromes

With a whopping 23 shadows, the Glitter Multichrome shadows are the largest group of shadows in Clionadh’s Stained Glass collection. Don’t let the name fool you, though — these actually are free of plastic glitters.

The textures of the Glitter Multichromes make them stand out among other multichromes. They kind of remind me of the Pat McGrath “special” shades, although they’re not quite the same.

The swatches below are, again, in multiple light sources. I’ve broken the swatches up into two groups — my arm only has so much space! If you follow me on Instagram, some of the swatches from the first group will be familiar.  I recently updated my swatches, so I’ll have extra photos of the first group (although I did not swatch the exact same shadows both times).

About the Glitter Multichromes
Glitter Multichromes Group 1 Swatches
Glitter Multichromes Group 2 Swatches

To be honest, the Glitter Multichromes are not my most-reached-for Stained Glass shadows. I find them pretty and the texture is unique within the Stained Glass collection, but I personally enjoy the iridescents (including the Deep Iridescents) and the Jewelled Multichromes the most.

I love all of the greens and purples in this formula, though. But I do wish some of the lighter greens weren’t so repetitive.

For so many shadows, I’m surprised I have so little to say. But this *is* round 5 of this swatch party!

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  1. Beautiful swatches! I was obsessed with these particular ones from Clionadh because I thought of Pat McGrath’s special shadows as well. I like that Clionadh has some of the lighter bases which would work really well as topper shadows. Sometimes when I try to do this with PM my whole look turns out differently.


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