Clionadh Cosmetics: Glitter-Type Iridescent Multichromes

Welcome to the Clionadh Cosmetics swatch party! In 2019, Clionadh took the indie makeup world by storm and released a huge collection of multichrome shadows. With 55 shadows, the Stained Glass collection was the largest collection of multichrome shadows on the market.  Now, the collection is even bigger — and still expanding!

If you have even dipped one toe into the indie waters, none of this information should be new to you. For almost two years, the Stained Glass collection has been the talk of the town, with numerous eyeshadow-lovers adding these shadows to their wishlists and their carts. So many people have been loving on and talking about these shadows!

I’m starting off this swatch party with the Glitter-Type Iridescents Multichromes. The name of this category of shadows is a bit of a misnomer because the shadows don’t actually contain any glitter. They all have a sparkly, glitter-like textured finish and unique color-shifting reflects.

The swatch photos below were taken under multiple lighting conditions — indoors under artificial lights (but with a little bit of sun peeking through the windows), under artificial lights with flash, and outdoors under natural light. I don’t have many photos of all the shadows in this formula here, but stay tuned! We will close this swatch party out with some photos of the whole Stained Glass collection and cross-formula comparisons.

*cue the music* Now, let’s get this swatch party started!

About the Glitter-Type Iridescent Multichromes
Glitter-Type Iridescent Multichrome Swatches

The Glitter-Type Iridescent Multichromes present a fun way to add some excitement to your inner corner or eye lid. More excitement than other iridescent multichromes, in fact, since their glitter-like texture adds extra dimension.

Honestly, I don’t love the way they look built up on my skin. But, in a sheer layer or over other shadows, all of them are beautiful. If you have some melanin to your skin, I recommend not going in too heavy with these, unless you don’t mind a white cast.

As you’ll see later on in this swatch party, Clionadh came out with a series of iridescent multichromes better-suited for deep skin early this year. I would love for them to expand that concept to include some Glitter-Type Iridescents with a deeper base.

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