Clionadh Cosmetics: Hybrid Multichromes

Clionadh released a few new Stained Glass formulas in January 2020, including the Hybrid Multichromes. These multichromes are considered hybrids of the Glitter and Jewelled Multichrome formulas. The colors are similar to the Jewelleds, but the textures are closer to the Glitters.

If you like the intensity of the Jewelled Multichromes but want to play around with texture, I think these shadows would be perfect. And, if you’re like me and just need to own everything Clionadh touches, they’ll also do the job.

About the Hybrid Multichromes
Hybrid Multichrome Swatches

The Hybrid Multichromes are an interesting formula. As stated above, they have a glitter-like texture but are also shiny and metallic.  I love how Clionadh blended two of their existing, popular formulas to create these. Some people may find the color shifts redundant though, since the colors are similar to some of the Jewelled Multichromes. 

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