Clionadh Cosmetics: Pastel Multichromes

This stop will be short and sweet. While the last stop of this swatch party covered the largest group in the Stained Glass collection, this one covers the smallest — the Pastel Multichromes. 

The Pastel Multichromes are four grungy pastel, muted multichromes. I personally love subtle multichromes like these, because I feel I can “get away” with them in somewhat conservative settings. 

I don’t have many flatlay photos for these but, what I lack in flatlays, I make up for in swatches. I’ve posted some of these swatches on my Instagram page before (#lbbclionadh to quickly find them if you prefer to scroll the ‘Gram), but I also re-swatched this set. I am serious about my swatch parties, okay?

About the Pastel Multichromes
Pastel Multichrome Swatches
Cathedral vs Color Flip

Okay, hear me out. When I was swatching Cathedral, it reminded me so much of Color Flip from the Natasha Denona Triochrome palette. The shadows are not dupes, but they both are subtle, work-appropriate multichromes that shift from pink to green. The pink in Cathedral leans more lavender or mauve though, while the pink Color Flip is closer to a hot pink or deep rose.

In the photos below, Cathedral is swatched above/to the right of Color Flip.


Please don’t sleep on the Pastel Multichromes. I feel like this collection is the most overlooked, but these shadows are totally worth checking out. Tower is a personal favorite — it’s a gorgeous muted blue!

As with the other small groups of formulas, I hope to see Clionadh expand this line in the future. I would love to see some less grungy pastels, although I do still appreciate the grunge (and how Clionadh did not go the bright, pastel route like so many other indie brands).

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