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In the fall of 2020, Copacetic Cosmetics launched a palette in collaboration with Monica Jones, a content creator on Instagram (@MJones5018). Inspired by some of Monica’s favorite “companions,” the palette is a companion itself. Monica created it with the intention that it be used in conjunction with other eyeshadow products to “take a regular eyeshadow look and make it awesome!” 

When I first heard about Monica’s inspiration for the palette and saw the beautiful shadows that she and Copacetic created, I could not wait to get my hands on it. And I was not alone. The palette sold out within ten minutes of the launch but, fortunately, I managed to snag one within those first few minutes.

I’m excited to finally share my pictures and thoughts on The Companion palette. This palette, from the inspiration to the sweet collaborator, is the perfect example of why I love purchasing from indie brands. 

About The Companion

Monica and Copacetic did a fantastic job with curating this companion palette and honoring Monica’s loved ones. The palette was created with love and that is evinced by every one of its elements. The shadow honoring Monica’s sister Meagan, whom she lost earlier in the year that the palette released, is in the center of the palette. The artwork on the palette, which was created by artist Elisa Luhtaniemi, is a beautiful tribute to Monica’s dog, Nina. At launch, Copacetic offered stickers with the design from the palette’s cover, with proceeds donated to the American Pit Bull Foundation in Monica’s sister’s name. Additionally, the dedication on the back cover of the palette is a permanent showing of Meagan’s love for her lost companions.

In another move I’m sure was made out of love, Monica chose to have the order of the names on the back of the palette match up to order of the shadows in the palette. I strongly dislike when the names are written the other way (which would mean that each shadow name is directly under the pan, but you have to mentally flip the image of the palette in order to determine the name of each shadow). 

The shadows are also some of Copacetic’s best formulas. I personally don’t get along with some of the matte shadows in their line, so I was happy to see that Monica created an all-shimmer palette. Copacetic’s shimmer formula is drier than a lot of other indie shimmers that I’ve tried. All of them will make a soft sound when you rub your finger across the pans. I notice this sound the most with Meagan. The dryness doesn’t seem to affect the application, but it did catch me off guard the first time I tried Copacetic’s shimmers.

As much as I hate to critique such a thoroughly beautiful creation, I do find the color story repetitive. All of the shadows are shades of green, purple, or pink. Further, some of the shadows are very close to each other. In my opinion, Lexi, Meagan, and Jessica (but especially Lexi and Jessica) are similar enough to each other that having all three in a palette decreases the value added by them individually. I also find Kaylie and Olivia to be too similar in color to have been included in the same palette, although they are quite different in texture. 

Admittedly, it is challenging to analyze the color story of a palette meant to be used as a companion to external products. Still, I would have appreciated more variety. Even though the intended use of the palette is not to use all of the shadows exclusively and all at once, I think a few pops of colors outside of the green-purple-pink color scheme would have given the palette even more range.

All things considered, I am pleased with the palette. I find myself reaching for it when I am doing a look and missing something. The beautiful tribute and artwork make this a  palette I am so glad to have purchased.

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1 thought on “Copacetic Cosmetics: The Companion”

  1. Thank you so much for your honest review! I am so thankful this palette has been as well received as it has been. I thought I had a neat idea with it, and it’s been wonderful having people ‘get it’ in terms of understand what the palette is for. Instead of trying to replace a color story or other shadows in someone’s collection, I wanted to be able to find new ways to love your collection by adding in something special.

    I am *in agreeement* about the names on the back of the palette- it makes my brain hurt when the top left name doesn’t match up with the top left shadow! The only downside is the other palettes from the brand are labeled the other way but oh whale.

    There were a couple last minute color changes to the palette, which left a couple of the shades kind of similar to others- so I totally see what you mean!

    I am just so glad that I had the opportunity to create this palette and that the indie community seems to really enjoy it. It was for sure the highlight of 2020, and I’m just so thankful for everyone who follows and supports me and the brand. Thank you again for this, it made my day!


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