Devinah Cosmetics: Matte Eyeshadows

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Sometimes you can’t stand to see a swatch party end. Thankfully, the good ol’ Internet allows us to relive the past — for better and for worse. But let’s focus on the “for better” side of things for now (we can always chat about those embarrassing photos from 2007 that just won’t die in the comments!). A few months ago, I hosted a Devinah Cosmetics matte eyeshadow swatch party — whew, that was a mouthful! — on Instagram. It was such a good time that I wanted to be sure to include those swatches here for the launch of website.

Let’s get this party (re)started!

Group 1 Swatches
Group 2 Swatches
Group 3 Swatches
Group 4 Swatches
Group 5 Swatches
Final Thoughts

I’ll admit, I am not always eager to try matte shadows from new-to-me indie brands. It took me almost a year to give Devinah’s mattes a shot. Luckily, they did not disappoint — unlike some other recipients of my shots… 

If you prefer creamy mattes with intense payoff, these are probably not the formula for you. There are definitely some outliers (as noted above), but the majority of the mattes from Devinah are buildable. Personally, I like all kinds of mattes as long as they show up on my skin, don’t have me looking like there is a lotion shortage, and aren’t patchy. 

I hope you all enjoyed these swatches of the mattes. Get ready for the shimmer swatch party because it will blow you away! 

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  1. I can see myself repeatedly returning to this post. I only have a few Devinah mattes and I know I’d like to order a few more in the future. This is very helpful and I look forward to seeing what you post next!


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