Devinah Cosmetics: Multichrome Madness and More

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As promised, I am sharing more swatches of Devinah Cosmetics’s shifty shadows. As expected, I did manage to leave out two shadows in these updated swatches. So I am included a few very old photos to show those two shadows. Sadly, I don’t even think the shadows are available anymore (more on that below).

This post is kind of a catch-all for the rest of my Devinah shimmers, hence the “and more” part of the title. We’ve got mutichromes and duochromes, bundles and singles, and discontinued shadows galore. 

Specifically, this post covers the Multichrome Madness bundle, as well as the Butterfly Kaleidoscope collection, which was released in three mini parts. The first two parts of the Butterfly Kaleidoscope collection were actually released under the name “Butterfly Multichrome Collection,” but the name changed to “Butterfly Kaleidoscope” around the time the third part released. I think most of these Butterfly Kaleidoscope shadows have been discontinued (and probably replaced with the new Aurorae Flares), but I wanted to include them just in case.

I know I’m a little bit late for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and much of Devinah’s website is currently sold out. I hope this post comforts those of you who maybe purchased without having an idea of what shadows would look like…and helps those of you who are looking for swatches in the future. Hi, future readers!

About My Shifty Palette

The flatlay photos above show my palette full of Devinah’s shifty shadows. In order, this palette includes the Xploders, Galaxy Dust, Multichrome Madness, and Butterfly Kaleidoscope collections, followed by a few random singles that made their way into the palette and the Candy Cakes and Sugar Drops collections. With this post, I’ve now swatched all of these shadows either on this website or on my Instagram page (or both!). 

Yes, for the astute of you, I did slightly rearrange the shadows between photo sessions.

Alright, let’s get into these multichromes!

About the Multichrome Madness & Butterfly Kaleidoscope Part 1 Bundles
Multichrome Madness Swatches
Multichrome Madness + Butterfly Kaleidoscope Part 1

Note: These are the very old photos I mentioned above. I forgot to include Morphinae and Menelaus in the updated swatches to follow.

About Butterfly Kaleidoscope Part 2
About Butterfly Kaleidoscope Part 3
Butterfly Kaleidoscope Parts 2 & 3 + More

Whew! Sorry this post was such a mess. I had a lot of photos that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else an, honestly, I kind of forgot that Butterfly Kaleidoscopes were a thing when I was swatching that last group of shadows. But now the Devinah swatch party is officially over!

I have no real thoughts other than I’m sad so much of this is discontinued, but I’m hopeful the Aurorae Flares will fill the voids in all of our hearts.

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  1. I purchased my Devinah Cosmetics collection of shadows because of your various swatches. I really enjoy Devinah Cosmetics’ eyeshadows, the shifting shades, and gorgeous micro glitter sparkles. These are amazing alone and as toppers.


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