Devinah Cosmetics: Summer 2020 Singles

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Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Summer 2020 is long gone. But you know what’s not gone? These shadows.

In June, Devinah added three new shimmers to their catalog. I will be posting all of the Devinah shimmers in my collection shortly, but I had to start with these three. Again, because I’ve had these photos sitting for a while and they deserve more than what I’ve given them so far.

So let’s give them some time to shine!

About the Shadows

If there is one silver that I could dedicate my life to, it would be Moonlit. Not to be dramatic, but I would take a (silver) bullet for that silver.

Tucana and Centaurus are, of course, also beautiful. They are also comprised of micro shimmers, like the Sugar Drops I posted about before this. But the sparkles aren’t as scattered with the Galaxy Dust formula as they are with the Sugar Drops. 

I can’t wait to show you Tucana and Centaurus with the rest of the Galaxy Dust collection. Soon…soon…

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