Game Beauty: Adventure Palette

New brand alert! Game Beauty, fresh on the makeup scene, is a small, family-owned indie brand that takes inspiration from video games. They even has a CG art professional design their product packaging. In 2020, they released their first palette, Adventure Palette.How fitting to name the first product of their new journey into the beauty world “Adventure Palette!”

Adventure Palette is currently the only product offered through their shop, but I know they are working on even more game-inspired products for us in 2021.

By the way, the swatch photos below are clearly not all from the same sitting. I wasn’t quite happy with the first set of photos, so I redid the swatches using a little bit more product. I normally swatch with a very light touch, but that doesn’t show the beauty of every formula. I didn’t dig into the pans with either set of swatches, but I did swirl more firmly when I did the newer set of swatches. I’m including both in this post to help you all get an understanding of the formulas. You should be able to tell which set is which.

About Adventure Palette

It’s always a good time when I get to try a new brand…except for when it’s not. I think the color story is beautiful and it’s refreshing to receive a palette in which I can use every shade on my skin tone. I know a lot of people dislike pressed glitters and wish they weren’t included in palettes, but at least all the skin tone-compatibility boxes are checked for me here. 

And you know what’s also refreshing? The outer packaging matches the shadows inside! There’s not a single color on the cover that is not represented by one of the shadows. From the outer design to the inner design, the artwork perfectly matches the theme of the palette. The designs run throughout the whole palette — it is completely wrapped in beautiful artwork. Game Beauty is not losing any points in the “packaging” or  “commitment to the theme” categories!

The matte formula is for those who like a little more control over their shadows than the ultra-pigmented matte formulas allow.  The shimmers are either super sparkly, like Stealth and ATK, or a more toned-down metallic formula, like Boss and Maze. With all the different formulas in the palette and the cohesive color story, I found it easy to get some fun and enjoyable looks out of the palette.

This is such a small thing, and not really a complaint, but I was thrown off by the lack of a plastic cover protecting the shadows and the mirror from each other. The mirror arrive with a sticky film over it, but I always like keeping plastic covers in my palettes so that I don’t have to clean my mirrors all the time.

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  1. I’m reading your review of this instead of reading for book club, but I was super curious. Your swatches are perfection, as always. I love the look and concept of this palette…I am so on the fence! Not that I am supposed to be buying anything right now anyway. Ahem.


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