Shine by SD Cosmetics: Dynamic Duos Collection

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I’m excited to be continuing my Shine by SD swatch party today with the Dynamic Duos collection. The collection features five pairs (duos) of dynamic duochrome shadows (duos). Duo(ble) entendre!

Okay, that last one was a stretch. Moving on…

Shine by SD sent me these shadows as PR a few months ago and I shared swatches on my Instagram stories. Those swatches are now saved in my story highlights, so be sure to check that section of my Instagram page out if you’re ever looking for something that hasn’t made it to a full-blown post yet.

About the Dynamic Duos Collection

The Dynamic Duos collection is one of my favorites from Shine by SD. The range of colors is beautiful and I love that every shadow has a pair in the collection. With each pair, there is one color that appears to turn things up a notch. Again, the shadows are very thin and will need to built up to your desired opacity. But, if you like sparkly shadows, you will have a lot of fun with these.

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