Nomad Cosmetics: Haunted Europe

One of the most interesting features of Haunted Europe is

Glaminatrix Cosmetics: You Beauty!

Hey friends! Remember me? It’s been a crazy year and I just hope that I can get back to creating and sharing content regularly with y’all. Please don’t cancel me for these unintended hiatuses. Cancel my job…and student loan debt while you’re at it. *Hint, hint, Biden.*

Clionadh Cosmetics: Overview and Comparisons of the Stained Glass Collection

But wait! There’s more! I know I said the Stained Glass segment was over in the last post, but I wanted to show y’all some quick comparisons of similar shades. This post will not show every possible group of close colors, but hopefully these will give you an understanding of some of the similarities in … Read more

Clionadh Cosmetics: Duochromes

Did y’all know Clionadh Cosmetics makes more than multichromes? With a collection as jaw-dropping and massive (no innuendo intended) as the Stained Glass collection, it’s easy to forget — or miss the fact — that Clionadh also makes some stunning duochromes and other shimmers. With my January 2020 order, I decided to try some of … Read more