Nomad Cosmetics: Haunted Europe

One of the most interesting features of Haunted Europe is

Sydney Grace – Temptalia Collection

I’ve never been more excited about an eyeshadow collaboration! It is finally time for Sydney Grace and Christine of Temptalia to bless us with their new highly-anticipated collection! I may be a bit biased as I look up to Christine immensely as a long-time creator in the beauty world, but this is such a thoughtful … Read more

Glaminatrix Cosmetics: You Beauty!

Hey friends! Remember me? It’s been a crazy year and I just hope that I can get back to creating and sharing content regularly with y’all. Please don’t cancel me for these unintended hiatuses. Cancel my job…and student loan debt while you’re at it. *Hint, hint, Biden.*

Musée Beauty: Impressionism

Musée Beauty is a relatively new brand on the indie makeup scene. Founded in 2018 by two sisters, the brand combines dual loves of makeup and art, leading to the ultimate celebration of self-expression and creativity. For those who have always believed makeup is an art form, Musée Beauty affirms that belief beautifully.

Game Beauty: Adventure Palette

New brand alert! Game Beauty, fresh on the makeup scene, is a small, family-owned indie brand that takes inspiration from video games. They even has a CG art professional design their product packaging. In 2020, they released their first palette, Adventure Palette.How fitting to name the first product of their new journey into the beauty … Read more

Viseart: Petit Pro Solstice

I cannot lie, Viseart is one of my favorite brands of all time. Their packaging tends to be sleek and minimalist, while their eyeshadows vary from staple shades to shadows with exciting textures and finishes. The Petit Pro Solstice is a bit of both — neutrals combined with a gorgeous duo chrome that pops beautifully … Read more

Viseart: Paris Edit

Paris Edit from Viseart is one of my favorite romantic palettes. The color scheme is classic — perfect for creating soft, date-night-ready looks. I can’t pronounce a single eyeshadow name (okay, maybe I can say “Opera,” but not in a fancy French way), but I can say that this palette is beautiful.

Sydney Grace Cosmetics: Warm (Deep) Mystery Bag 2020

Contents of the 2020 Warm Mystery Bag (Deep) from Sydney Grace

I received my first PR from Sydney Grace during their 2020 Christmas in July sale. For those who don’t know, Christmas in July is Sydney Grace’s annual week of incredible deals. My PR box included the Warm (Deep) Mystery bag, along with their new eyeshadow palettes.