Viseart: Paris Edit

Paris Edit from Viseart is one of my favorite romantic palettes. The color scheme is classic — perfect for creating soft, date-night-ready looks. I can’t pronounce a single eyeshadow name (okay, maybe I can say “Opera,” but not in a fancy French way), but I can say that this palette is beautiful. 

About Paris Edit

This palette checks *almost* every box for me. The packaging is beautifully designed, the shadows are cohesive and on theme, and every shadow performs well. The only box left unchecked is “free of pale/beige transition shades.” I would not have been upset if Viseart decided to replace one of the three light brown mattes with a dark brown or plum. 

The good news is that I tend to use all of my Viseart palettes in conjunction with other palettes. Viseart houses mattes and shimmers separately in its larger palette series, so I don’t think twice about using other shadows with those. Although mattes and shimmers mingle in the Edits and Petit Pros, I still don’t mind using or traveling with multiple palettes at one time since the palettes are so tiny. 

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