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Before Étendu, there was Petits Fours. Last fall, Viseart released a collection of mini quads in a brand new pan size. If you’ve been reading here, you’ve already seen one of the more recent palettes using this pan size – Violette Étendu. But now we’re traveling backwards in time because who doesn’t love time travel?! — and because collections always take me a bit longer to finish than single palettes. 

Viseart sent me these palettes in PR but, being the Viseart lover that I am, I would have immediately run to the website for the full collection if they had not. I’ve got some more thoughts below regarding these color stories, but I love these little neutral quads!

About Petits Fours

Inspired by pastries and sweet treats, the Petits Fours eyeshadow collection is a collection of four “bite-sized” quads with eyeshadows in Viseart’s new midi pan size. The pans are magnetized and can easily be removed. 

The color stories are generally neutral, with a little bit of work-appropriate color coming through in Framboise. The formulas are Viseart’s usuals — easy to work with, buildable mattes, and soft shimmers.

About Petits Fours - Chocolat
Chocolat Swatches
About Petits Fours - Framboise
Framboise Swatches
About Petits Fours - Lilas
Lilas Swatches
About Petits Fours - Praline
Chocolat Swatches

It’s no surprise that the deepest quad, Chocolat, is my favorite of the Petits Fours collection. As I stated above, that quad is utter perfection. I highly recommend picking it up if you have dark skin or are just craving a chocolatey treat without the calories.

I like the other quads and thier color stories and will use them all the time once life gets closer to the old normal. But, as I was going through these photos, all that I could think about was the lack of depth. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t care to use just the four shadows in a quad, this is probably not a strike against the collection for you. But if you do want to treat (no pun intended) the quads as standalone quads for complete eyeshadow looks, you will probably be disappointed in the lack of blending and deepening mattes in most of the quads. This is true regardless of your skin tone, as some quads like Praline don’t contain blending shadows for light skin and Lilas, Framboise, and Praline don’t contain deepening shadows for dark skin. If that last statement didn’t make it clear enough, dark skinned makeup lovers definitely got the shorter end of the stick when it comes to the ability to use any of these quads by themselves.

I don’t know whether it is out of necessity or preference, but I rarely use palettes by themselves. So the lack of deepening shades don’t rule these quads out of my rotation of palettes. However, I do wish that there was more of an effort to balance the representation of dark mattes relative to light mattes. Same with light shimmers — even though I could use light shimmers like Glaçage in Framboise or Caramélise in Praline, I don’t love those kinds of shimmers on my skin. I pretty much only use them in my inner corner and even that limited use can get ashy sometimes. I don’t think this collection is unfriendly to dark skin tones per se.  In fact, I would use every shadow in this collection for some purpose, although some like Pecan in Praline would not be the most noticeable or impactful on me. But I would have loved to see Viseart take a more balanced approach to neutral shadows.

One more note — Viseart shadows are not high-impact. If you’re looking for impactful shimmers and mattes, there are plenty of indie brands that offer that. Viseart opts for buildable and soft shadows which allow for more control over the “Gasp! That’s soooo pigmented!” types of shadows that other brands offer. You can see this with the mattes in Framboise and Praline, for example — they almost blend into my skin and can look more like tints than layers of pigments. This is something I enjoy about Viseart, because I enjoy soft, more “natural” looks on occasion, but I know not everyone likes that kind of formula.

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