Clionadh Cosmetics: Jewelled Multichromes

Finally! My favorite part of the Stained Glass collection from Clionadh Cosmetics. The moment we have all been waiting for. The Jewelled Multichromes!

I consider the Jewelled Multichromes the “crown jewels” (pun intended) of the Stained Glass collection (and probably the entire Clionadh collection). They are 20 rich, vibrant, ultra-metallic shades of color-shifting beauty. This formula singlehandedly makes the often-long waits from Clionadh worth it for me.

I won’t belabor the point. You shall see soon enough.

About the Jewelled Multichromes
Jewelled Multichromes Group 1 Swatches
Bonus: Group 1 Swatches with Shard
Jewelled Multichromes Group 2 Swatches

The Jewelled Multichromes are my favorite formula from Clionadh. They are quintessential multichromes, with their black bases and intense color shifts. You only need to lightly tap your brush or finger into the pans to get high payoff. Seriously, I barely have to touch my pans whenever I swatch these. The shadows are incredibly saturated that a little goes a long way. You cannot go wrong with one of these shadows.

Forge is a must-have shade, in my opinion. It is such a gorgeous, rich shadow. I would also add Kiln to any “Multichrome Starter Kit.” Castle is another top shadow from this line, with its gorgeous glow. My other favorites are Smoulder, Rosette, and Crown Glass.

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