Clionadh Cosmetics: Vibrant Multichromes

To close us out of the Stained Glass segment of this Clionadh swatch party, we have the Vibrant Multichromes. The Vibrant Multichromes are another new formula from early 2020.

These shadows are true to their name. They are the brightest, most vibrant shadows in the Stained Glass collection. When I received the order containing these shadows in the mail, these were the first to go on my lids. I couldn’t believe how eye-catching these are in person! 

As with the other posts in this swatch party, this one is full of swatches in multiple lighting conditions and a video to show the shifts in action.

About the Vibrant Multichromes
Vibrant Multichrome Swatches

The Vibrant Multichromes are stunning! They are incredibly shiny and, well, vibrant. My favorites from this line are Bloodline, Majesty, and Royalty. Lineage is also really beautiful and I would love to see some more pastel multichromes like it. I know I’ve talked a lot about what I hope to see from Clionadh and the collection is already massive, but I can’t help but imagine all the colorful, multichrome possibilities!

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  1. Your swatches are amazing as always! I was scared of these vibrant multichromes like they’re almost too vibrant lol. I have been lusting after Royalty and Bloodline though; I finally picked those two up.


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