Clionadh Cosmetics: Series 2 Iridescent Multichromes

Welcome to the third stop on this swatch party train! The Series 2 Iridescent Multichromes, which released as part of the Stained Glass collection in January 2020, are some of my favorite iridescent eyeshadows. I already loved the iridescent formula in Series 1, but Series 2 made me fall for Clionadh all over again.

The colors are similar to those in Series 1. If you look at the color descriptions, line by line, in both posts I’ve made for this series, you’ll notice that the color shifts are almost identical. Although the colors are essentially the same, I prefer Series 2 to Series 1 because of the high-shine finish of Series 2. Whereas the Series 1 Iridescents have more of a soft and subtle finish, the Series 2 Iridescents have immediate, in-your-face payoff.

Also, the swatches here are going to be shown in multiple light sources. Some are even a few months older than the others which is why you’ll see my lovely summer garden in the background even though we are three days away from winter. These photos literally take me back to brighter (and warmer) days.

Alright, enough spoilers. Let’s get to it!

About the Series 2 Iridescent Multichromes
Series 2 Iridescent Multichrome Swatches

I really enjoy the updated iridescent formula seen in the Series 2 Iridescent Multichromes. The shadows are smoother, less dry, shinier, and more impactful than the first series, and I even think the whiteness of the “translucent” base is less pronounced when these are built up on my sin. If you are choosing between the two series, I recommend going with Series 2. Again, the colors are so similar that you might find Series 1 and 2 too redundant for your collection. The main differences between the series are the formula and texture. It’s like they took whatever they put in Series 1 and multiplied it by ten for Series 2. The Series 2 shadows are also not quite as thin as the Series 1 shadows.

Again, Ray is definitely a favorite for me. But I also love Aura, Phosphorescent, Fluoresce, and UV. Those colors are perfect for my inner corner. I don’t tend to wear iridescent multichromes on my lids (excluding the Deep Iridescents) because of the white base. I definitely feel like I’m not using these to their full potential out of fear of ashiness, but I love a good makeup experiment so I’ll be applying these in different ways — like as eyeshadow toppers or highlighters — in the future.

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