Devinah Cosmetics: Shimmer Eyeshadows

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Happy Thanksgiving or, if you don’t celebrate, happy Thursday! Today we are continuing the Devinah Cosmetics swatch party with some shimmers!

Devinah’s shimmers really show you why indie brands are so well-loved. Many of the shimmers are extraordinarily shiny and the range of colors is huge. After trying some of Devinah’s, you will not want to go back to mainstream shimmers. Unless you’re one of those people who can’t get with singles, in which case, what are you doing reading this post?

I will have a separate post or two to finish up the rest of the shifty shadows. Devinah’s Black Friday sale is going all weekend long and I’ll try to get them up before the sale ends, so be sure to check back here for all your multichrome swatch needs!

*cue the party-starting music*

About the Shimmers

I’ve got almost 80 shimmers to show you all today. All of them can be seen in the flatlay photos above, along with some of their friends from other indie brands. You can spot a Devinah shimmer by the imprinted cursive D in the middle of the pan. 

Below, I use Devinah’s own descriptions of each colors as a guide. I highly recommend reading the descriptions when shopping Devinah’s websites because Devinah’s descriptions are unique and fun. I did have to use more of my color-describing skills for some of these though so, as always, refer to the photos to get a more complete understanding of the particular hues represented.

Group 1 Swatches
Group 2 Swatches
Group 3 Swatches
Group 4 Swatches
Group 5 Swatches
Group 6 Swatches
Group 7 Swatches
Final Thoughts

Whew! It’s finally time for this party to end. But join me later this weekend for the grande finale of this prolonged Devinah Cosmetics swatch party.

I’ve talked about a lot of favorites today. Devinah’s shimmers are so special that it’s hard to only pick a few. But I would say the ones that really, really stand out are Blazed, FierceNefertiti, Briseis, SybilAmbedo, Vallan, Seduced, Moonlit, and the entire Somewhere over the Rainbow collection. You cannot go wrong with any of those.

As always, this post is not meant to encourage you to buy or not buy anything. But if you are partaking in this weekend of sales, happy shopping!

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