Glaminatrix Cosmetics: You Beauty!

Hey friends! Remember me? It’s been a crazy year and I just hope that I can get back to creating and sharing content regularly with y’all. Please don’t cancel me for these unintended hiatuses. Cancel my job…and student loan debt while you’re at it. *Hint, hint, Biden.*

Anyways, today I have the pleasure of sharing photos and swatches of one of my favorite palettes of 2021 so far. I already know this will definitely be in the top 10 palettes for the year, along with those gorgeous Temptalia x Sydney Grace palettes I am anxiously awaiting. What a great year for indie makeup!

Let me stop getting off track. We’re not here to talk about all the [1.5 trillion] reasons Bernie should’ve won the Democratic Primary or how much indie makeup will bless us this year. We’re here to talk about You Beauty!, a gorgeous, multichrome-filled, colorful palette from Aussie brand Glaminatrix Cosmetics. They generously sent me this palette in PR, but I’ve also included swatches of one shadow that I bought myself in February 2020 (you’ll see why later).

Okay, enough talking, y’all know what to do. Keep scrolling for flatlay pictures, a photo of a super handy shade name definitions card, and soooo many swatches. I didn’t love the first set of swatches I did swatching the shadows in one order, so I included extra swatches in a different order. Let me know which you prefer!

About You Beauty!
Stitch Up vs. Bittersweet

I know this was a picture-heavy post, but how else do you expect me to come back from a hiatus? 

I was super excited when this palette was teased and so happy that all that excitement was not for naught. When I received the palette, I could not stop using it. I even took it with me as my sole palette for a weekend trip. Okay, I *technically* had a custom palette with singles (more on that later!) but that should still show you how much I love this palette.

Again, Woop Woop and She’ll Be Right were not my favorites. There is certainly no love lost here, as they just don’t flatter my skin tone. But the other mattes and shimmers more than made up for the ashiness that those two shades brought to my eyelids. 

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  1. Wonderfully full of swatches, thank you. I didn’t pick this palette up, it just wasn’t completely up my alley but there are definitely some lovely shades in it.


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