Kaleidos Makeup: Make Your Escape Collection

About the Make Your Escape Collection

I was kindly gifted the Make Your Escape Collection by Kaleidos after DM’ing them about the problematic representation of dark skinned (presumably) women on their blush duos — more on this later. 

The collection consists of one eyeshadow palette, two makeup sponges, a lip gloss, two blush duos, four highlighters, and an eyeshadow primer. It’s clearly a huge collection, so let’s jump right in!

But first…I have not included swatches of the Lucid Lip Gloss in Hypnotize — a cool and creamy magenta frosted with fuschia and violet sparkles. I also did not swatch the Tone Activator Eye Primer, which Kaleidos claims is smudge-proof, crease-proof, and water resistant. It has a beige tint to it.

Alright, now let’s really jump in!

About The Escape Pod
The Escape Pod Swatches
About the Highlighters
Highlighter Swatches
About the Lo-Fi Duo Blushers
Lo-Fi Duo Blushers Swatches

I appreciate that Kaleidos sent me this collection after I was so vocal about my displeasure with the blush duos. I am also happy that Kaleidos has removed those blushes from their line. Hopefully similar colors come back in more appropriate packaging. But I believe Kaleidos actions speak volumes about the brand and I feel good about supporting them in the future.

Blushes aside, these products are beautiful on dark skin. This is definitely  a collection for color lovers, but there are also plenty of more neutral and safe options within the collection. 

As stated above, I didn’t include swatches of the lip gloss or eye primer. The lip gloss is a pretty fuschia and I may swatch it later. The eye primer is little liquid and a lot comes out at once (nobody make any jokes). It’s not going to dethrone my favorite primers because of its consistency, as well as its color. 

Whew. That was a lot. 

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  1. Beautiful collection ! That’s great that they listened and heard you out about your criticique. It’s really says a lot about the company. I’m planning on ordering the Escape Pod and possibly the Mars Melter highlighter .


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