Menagerie Cosmetics: Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks

I recently discovered that I had not posted swatches for a lip product since 2019. I have swatched a few lipsticks this year, but haven’t gotten around to posting them for one reason or another. So I am finally presenting you all with some long-overdue swatches of Menagerie Cosmetics’ liquid lipsticks. Since the years ends in just a few days, these will be the only lip swatches post in 2020. But look forward to more swatches of lip products, including lip swatches, in 2021.

My relationship with Menagerie began with lipsticks, back in 2017 when they were still Makeup Monsters. Freshly introduced to the world of transfer-proof lipsticks by Kylie Cosmetics ( I know), I wanted to know which liquid formulas were the best. I relied on the research of Stephanie Nicole, who reviewed dozens of formulas and ranked them in her comprehensive videos. Makeup Monsters’ liquid lipsticks were in her top three best formulas. 

I eagerly made my first Makeup Monsters purchase that summer. Makeup Monsters had some pretty unique colors, so it was a tough order to place when it came to selecting just a few lipsticks from all the options available. When my order arrived,  I found the formula was just as Stephanie had described. I even got a little sample with my order — a beautiful nude lipstick color for me — and still regret misplacing it after such a short time together. 

When Makeup Monsters rebranded to Menagerie Cosmetics, I worried that their formulas and maybe even some of their colors would change. In 2020, Menagerie sent me a few PR packages with their new lipsticks. And now I can finally conclude that, while some of the names and shades may be different, the new liquid lipstick formula is just as good as the old. Whew.

Enough reminiscing about simpler times when we could still go outside and people could actually see our lipsticks. I’ve got 14 lipsticks to show y’all. I hope you enjoy!

About the Liquid Lipsticks

As I sort of spoiled above, the Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks are comfortable and wear well. I like the bright colors like Mako and Starfish, but I also appreciate that Menagerie has plenty of more neutral, everyday-wearable shades in their line like Aiptasia and Leo.

Personally, Cherimoya is too light for my tastes. But I’ve never met a light pink lipstick that a good brown liner couldn’t make wearable for dark skin. 

Of the Makeup Monsters lipsticks I bought in 2017 and the Menagerie Cosmetics lipsticks I received this year, none of the colors are perfect dupes. The closest matches in my collection are Tyranny (Makeup Monsters) and Hyacinth (Menagerie Cosmetics). The former is just a touch darker, but both lipsticks are gorgeous royal purples.

I will say that, after not using my some of my Makeup Monsters lipsticks for a while, I definitely understand why Menagerie recommends shaking the lipsticks before use. Over time, the formulas can separate a little and develop a watery consistency. This goes away with a good shake, though. 

And if you want to ring the shame bells since I still own liquid lipsticks from 2017, go ahead. They still pass the smell test and look brand new, but I understand some people more strictly follow expiration dates. 

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