Devinah Cosmetics: Xploders and Galaxy Dust Collections

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In May 2019, Devinah released two collections at the same time: Xploders and Galaxy Dust. I’ve already posted swatches of both on my Instagram, but felt it was time to give those swatches an upgrade.

Unfortunately, I left out a shadow in the Galaxy Dust swatches so I had to reswatch those. But the first set of swatches were so pretty, I could let them live out the rest of their lives in shame in my archives. So bonus pictures! I guess that’s not so unfortunate, right?

Note Tucana and Centaurus are two new additions to the Galaxy Dust family. You can see them swatched alongside a third shadow, Moonlit, which released with them in 2020 here

About Xploders and Galaxy Dust
Xploders Swatches
Galaxy Dust Swatches

Both the Xploders and Galaxy Dust collections offer beautiful shifty multichromes at only $8 a pop. I think that’s an amazing deal for such fun, sparkly shadows. The shadows all have those micro-fine sparkles that make them unique compared to some other multichrome or shifty formulas.

The Xploders shadows are very cute and fun. They are fairly light, so I find myself using them mostly as inner corner highlights. But they also make beautiful lid shades. I would recommend following Devinah’s advice and use them with a tacky base if you want to pop them on your lid. My current favorite is probably Everlasting Gobstoppers because I am having a purple-and-green moment right now. This sounds familiar

The Galaxy Dust collection is incredibly reflective. The shadows are generally deeper than the Xploders, with the exception of Tucana. Cygnus and Magellanic are very close in color, which is probably why I forgot Magellanic the first time I tried to swatch these (well, actually second, since I swatched these for the first time back in 2019). Magellanic is slightly more purple than Cygnus.

Asteria and Messier are two of my favorite shadows in my Devinah collection. Not surprising considering how much I love greens, blues, and purples, right? Those two are also kind of similar; one main difference is that Asteria has a primarily green color and Messier has a primarily blue color. Both shift to a beautiful purple, which appears a touch warmer in Asteria.

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