Clionadh Cosmetics: Overview and Comparisons of the Stained Glass Collection

But wait! There’s more! I know I said the Stained Glass segment was over in the last post, but I wanted to show y’all some quick comparisons of similar shades. This post will not show every possible group of close colors, but hopefully these will give you an understanding of some of the similarities in … Read more

Clionadh Cosmetics: Duochromes

Did y’all know Clionadh Cosmetics makes more than multichromes? With a collection as jaw-dropping and massive (no innuendo intended) as the Stained Glass collection, it’s easy to forget — or miss the fact — that Clionadh also makes some stunning duochromes and other shimmers. With my January 2020 order, I decided to try some of … Read more

Clionadh Cosmetics: Vibrant Multichromes

To close us out of the Stained Glass segment of this Clionadh swatch party, we have the Vibrant Multichromes. The Vibrant Multichromes are another new formula from early 2020. These shadows are true to their name. They are the brightest, most vibrant shadows in the Stained Glass collection. When I received the order containing these … Read more

Clionadh Cosmetics: Jewelled Multichromes

Finally! My favorite part of the Stained Glass collection from Clionadh Cosmetics. The moment we have all been waiting for. The Jewelled Multichromes! I consider the Jewelled Multichromes the “crown jewels” (pun intended) of the Stained Glass collection (and probably the entire Clionadh collection). They are 20 rich, vibrant, ultra-metallic shades of color-shifting beauty. This … Read more

Clionadh Cosmetics: Hybrid Multichromes

Clionadh released a few new Stained Glass formulas in January 2020, including the Hybrid Multichromes. These multichromes are considered hybrids of the Glitter and Jewelled Multichrome formulas. The colors are similar to the Jewelleds, but the textures are closer to the Glitters. If you like the intensity of the Jewelled Multichromes but want to play … Read more

Clionadh Cosmetics: Pastel Multichromes

This stop will be short and sweet. While the last stop of this swatch party covered the largest group in the Stained Glass collection, this one covers the smallest — the Pastel Multichromes. The Pastel Multichromes are four grungy pastel, muted multichromes. I personally love subtle multichromes like these, because I feel I can “get … Read more

Clionadh Cosmetics: Glitter Multichromes

With a whopping 23 shadows, the Glitter Multichrome shadows are the largest group of shadows in Clionadh’s Stained Glass collection. Don’t let the name fool you, though — these actually are free of plastic glitters. The textures of the Glitter Multichromes make them stand out among other multichromes. They kind of remind me of the … Read more

Clionadh Cosmetics: Deep Iridescent Multichromes

In January 2020, Clionadh Cosmetics launched the Deep Iridescent Multichromes as part of the Stained Glass collection. I’ve posted some of these swatches on Instagram, but recently decided to update my swatches of this collection. So more photos, more lighting conditions, you know the drill. This formula is a unique concept in the multichrome market. … Read more

Clionadh Cosmetics: Series 2 Iridescent Multichromes

Welcome to the third stop on this swatch party train! The Series 2 Iridescent Multichromes, which released as part of the Stained Glass collection in January 2020, are some of my favorite iridescent eyeshadows. I already loved the iridescent formula in Series 1, but Series 2 made me fall for Clionadh all over again. The … Read more

Clionadh Cosmetics: Series 1 Iridescent Multichromes

Next stop on the Clionadh swatch party train — the Series 1 Iridescent Multichromes! When the Stained Glass collection first released in 2019, the Iridescent Multichromes were sold as part of a general Iridescent line, along with the three original Glitter-Type Iridescent Multichromes. Clionadh expanded their iridescent offerings in January 2020 with the Series 2 … Read more