Clionadh Cosmetics: Perfect Neutrals Collection

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Today I am sharing photos of the newest charity bundle, the Perfect Neutrals Collection, from one of my favorite brands, Clionadh Cosmetics. One unfamiliar with the indie world might expect a collection of “perfect neutrals” to be filled with browns, beiges, champagnes, and ivories, but one would be surely surprised upon seeing Clionadh’s interpretation of the phrase. Purples?! Neutrals?! All things are possible when it comes to indies.

Sure, there are some of the typical “neutral” shades here, too. But we have to acknowledge that Clionadh shook it up a bit with some of the gorgeous tones you’ll see below. 

Also see below for more information regarding the inspiration for this collection and its charitable purpose.

About the Perfect Neutrals Collection

In true Clionadh fashion, these shadows did not disappoint. It should surprise absolutely no one that the purples, Chelle, BrittBritt, and Nic No. 1, are some of my favorites in this bundle. And I am totally with Clionadh on this one — purple (or any color for that matter) can absolutely be a neutral. These shadows are a more subdued than your typical colorful (read: non-brown) shadows, making them a great way to sneak some color into those otherwise “boring but beautiful” neutral eye looks we all (okay, maybe not all) know and love.

Overall, I think this collection is cute and surprisingly fun for a neutrals bundle. And the charitable donations to organizations benefitting Black and LGBQTIA+ people is the cherry on top!

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